Murray Music and Drama Club

“ Stars of Tomorrow ”

Stars of Tomorrow

Calling all talented kids and youth of the region! Entries for the Murray Music and Drama Club's 9th annual Stars of Tomorrow Talent Quest are now open!! Once again the Club is offering generous cash prizes, as well as the chance to earn a financial scholarship to help pay for lessons and/or equipment to further your child's musical or artistic career. 


This year's talent quest will again be adjudicated with written comments provided by experienced judges offering valuable insights to the contestants and includes an art competition for all age groups. Winners are chosen by popular choice and there are also cash prizes available. 


Entries are now open for this year for contestants aged between 5 - 18 years. Each item has an entry fee of $10.


The adjudication heats will be held Saturday 24 August at the Pinjarra Civic Centre, the Showcase final be held at 7pm.


Stars of Tomorrow Conditions of Entry 2019.pdf

Stars of Tomorrow Entry Form 2019.pdf


Stars of Tomorrow Art Conditions of Entry 2019.pdf

Stars of Tomorrow Art Entry Form 2019.pdf


Stars of Tomorrow Scholardhip Application 2019.pdf

Showing from 24th August, 2019 until 24th August, 2019
Address: 1915 Pinjarra Road, Pinjarra WA 6208
Phone: 0458 046 414