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Here’s a show guaranteed to warm up your winter! As the ghostly weather of our cooler months rolls in, immerse yourself in Washington Irving's legend of "Sleepy Hollow." When an inane schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane, comes to the farming community of Sleepy Hollow, he brings with him all his worldly possessions as he seeks a well-to-do wife. He’s sure his dream will come true when he spots the striking Katrina Van Tassel. Sadly for poor Ichabod, the boisterous/arrogant Brom Bones is Katrina’s extremely jealous boyfriend. Matters are complicated even more as the ghostly graveyard is haunted by a host of tense spirits, including the Headless Horseman, the most renowned phantom of all. When Ichabod proposes marriage to Katrina at a party, he is kicked out by Brom, forcing him to make his way through the graveyard during a raging storm. The rest is history... or legend!!! This musical switches in entertaining fashion between suspenseful and comic moments, and is filled with a variety of songs that fit the bill perfectly! Forget the epics, forget the jukebox musicals... this is something totally different, and will be a heap of fun!!!!

Please note: This musical is very different from the movie of the same name starring Johnny Depp


Audition info: 

Sleepy Hollow Info 

Audition Songs


Audition materials:

Ichabod, Katrina, Brom, Yost 

Ichabod, Yost & Children 

x 2 Brom Yost, 3 girls, Farm S, Ichabod, Van Hud 

Mrs Van Tassel, V- Hudson, Widow and Farmer S 

Mrs Trenkler 

Farmer S, Widow, Walter, Hendrick, Van H & Trenkler 

Hilda Greta and Katrina 

Pirate, Woman, Indian Ch- & Ichabod 




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